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The view of Cameron Hall from the entrance to campus.

What Sets Us Apart

学费,价值 & 可购性

As part of Cape Fear Academy’s mission to develop individual potential and prepare 学生 for success in college 和生活, we strive to make our exceptional educational experience available to talented, motivated 学生 from a range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Please contact us; we look forward to partnering with you to select your best options for this important educational investment.

卓越. 有爱心的. 机会. 成功. 支持. 字符.

There’s a long list of priorities when selecting a school, so we appreciate your interest in Cape Fear Academy. Please explore our website to envision how our faculty, 学生, and programs can create a compelling, personalized learning experience for your child. Then bring that vision to life by visiting our campus and encountering firsthand the vibrant sense of community, 订婚, and variety that is Cape Fear Academy – from the dynamism of the three-year-olds in our Little Explorers classes to the accomplished versatility of our college-bound seniors.

Whether you start your discovery through our website or a personal contact, we are excited to begin that journey with you…as together we begin to 冰球突破豪华版. If you have any questions about the admission process, contact 奥尔加 Nobleton, Director of Enrollment, at 奥尔加, or 910-791-0287 ext. 1015.

Ready to learn more? 联系 our 冰球突破豪华版s Team to schedule an in-person or virtual visit and see Cape Fear Academy in action.